Ollie Hirst Studying Illustration at Norwich University College Of The Arts, Norwich
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I've always drawn from an early age and it is my true passion in life. I'm what I like to call a "detail freak" and a true perfectionist at heart but hey, who can help that? I don't feel it's a bad thing... ;) feel free to contact me if you wish to do so at oliverhirst@hotmail.com :) or follow me on twitter @olliehirst .... All comments will be greatly appreciated and I will try to respond ASAP. Always looking for inspiration so if you have any suggestions/recommendations for what you feel I could do, drop me a message. I`m more than happy to hear them!

Keep drawing guys! :)

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25th October 2011




Illustration, Game art, concept art


'Art is not what you see, it's what you make others see'


Damien Hirst, Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Russ Mills

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Monday 14th July 2014


Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Widnes

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Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College, Widnes


Norwich University College Of The Arts, Norwich


Riverside College Halton,

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Monday 04th April 1994



Coursework for GCSE on the theme of 'Still Life', done in 2009/2010. not my best portfolio here, it has to be said! :P Feel free to comment if you like :)
Sketchy still life Various still life object studies Quink & Bleach Still life
Coursework for my GCSE based on Oriental Culture done in 2009/2010
Oriental Frame Frame Ideas Frame experiments
Last Exam Unit in my A Level based on the question 'Contemporary Issues', from which I chose the issue of 'Global Warming' as I studied a Geography A Level.
Arctic Landscape Drawing 2 Icicle Study Observational drawings
First project on the foundation course, involving a mixture of ceramic and fine art practices.
Speed Sketch attempt 1 Speed Sketch attempt 2 Sketches
This is my very first unit of the A-Level course. I was given a starting point of still life from which I was teacher led in the initial stages. I then developed this personally to suit my style. I...
Observations - Mechanical Experiments Developed experiment
This is the last unit of year 12, the exam unit. My question was 'Unusual Viewpoints' - I looked at taking an 'unusual viewpoint' on the word 'viewpoint', to see if I could change the perception of...
A view from the Motorway Drawing of Manchester Developed experiments
Foundation - Pathway by Ollie Hirst
The beginning of my illustration specialism looking at the theme of 'expression' focusing on glasses.
Glasses Studies Sunglasses Studies Watercolour Fashionista (Kim Kardashian)
Dreaming by Ollie Hirst
My Final Major Project - Illustration based around the theme of 'Dreaming'.
Baby Sleeping Aspiration Baby Sleeping iPad edit
Short 3 week Project in which the outcome was to create a paper garment through paper manipulation
Industrial/Steampunk Hat Natural Observations Industrial revolution/Steampunk research
I was to use found objects to create non permanent sculptures based on my individual theme. My theme was "Non Balance".
Deception 2 Imbalance 1 Imbalance 2
This is my First unit of the A2 course in which my question is 'Art and Literature'. I chose to focus it on Graphic Novels as they're a childhood love of mine. Also, I've been into drawing from a...
Sin city Observational Drawing Batman Observation Revolver Study
Personal Work by Ollie Hirst
Just some work I've done at home when I've been bored :) (something's telling me this is going to be a VERY SLOW portfolio!) Feel free to comment if you like (:
Rihanna 'LOUD' drawing Lara Croft Angel of Darkness Drawing Marine Life