Kay Eggleston Studying Set/Costume Design at The University of Huddersfield
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Here to challenge myself and gain experience in different fields.

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15th May 2014


Set/Costume Design


Character Design, Costume Making, Textile Design, Fabric Manipulation, Illustration, CAD, Watercolours, Painting.

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Tuesday 01st March 2016


Friesland School, Sandiacre

Sixth Form Qualification

Friesland School, Sandiacre


The University of Huddersfield

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Sunday 28th April 1996



Character Design by Kay Eggleston
University Work included from " The wizard of Oz" and " Shock headed peter" also included is characters designed in my free time.
Kay Eggleston 31892 Kay Eggleston 31891 Kay Eggleston 31890
Watercolour by Kay Eggleston
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Watercolour Giraffe Kay Eggleston 31904 Kay Eggleston 31903
Textile Samples by Kay Eggleston
Textile samples created in a print room, lots of experimentation is used. Focusing on texture, layers and colour.
Kay Eggleston 31899 Kay Eggleston 31902 Kay Eggleston 31901
Other by Kay Eggleston
These included A level work and Doodles.
Women and Skull Man and Bird The joker
Photography by Kay Eggleston
This is just for fun!
Kay Eggleston 31914 Kay Eggleston 31913 Kay Eggleston 31912