Emma Griffiths Studying Fine Art at The University of Kent, Kent
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28th January 2013


Fine Art


Creativity and symbolism


Art, Photography, Comics, Film, Games, Animals, Science, Environmental Conservation


Salvador Dali, Fiona Rae, Jamie Hewlett, Banksy, Nielly Francoise, Pablo Picasso, Louise Bourgeois


Handle's Court Gallery, Rufus Court, Northgate Street, Chester

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Handles Court Gallery, Chester, UK



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Monday 23rd May 2016


The Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port


West Cheshire College, Chester


The University of Kent, Kent

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Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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Wednesday 14th June 1995



Portraiture by Emma Griffiths
A mixture of home work and college work :)
Untitled Self portrait Self portrait close up
This is my first major project for Photography. Yousuf Karsh is my inspiration for this project. I loved how his photographs had such a harsh contrast from the very bright to complete darkness, I...
My final shots, all together. Final Portrait 1
This was the first time I looked into interior design. I was inspired by anatomy to create a decorative piece. For this project I achieved full distinctions and it is still one of my favourite...
Emma Griffiths 21569 Emma Griffiths 21570 Emma Griffiths 21568
University year 1 :) by Emma Griffiths
All this album features are (what I think) my best pieces of artwork and what ever ones I feel fairly proud of, enjoy! :)
My finale piece for the Time project :) University year 1, 2nd term project 2. University year 1, 2nd term project 2.
This is full of the completely random ideas I have at times. So I draw them to save the memory, but also to practice some illustration techniques and learn how to develop my own illustrative style :)
Portrait of Josh Willdigg (my boyfriend :D ) Untitled Puppet design.
This was the last project I studied in my first year in college. For this we had to study an ancient culture and try to combine it to our modern culture. However in this portfolio I'm only showing...
Close up on Aztec art sheet Hopeless God's. Cthulhu illustration.
This was my first project at college. The brief was simple, make a bag that is related to a certain character or film. I chose to look at Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland and the amazing...
The madman's hat Mad Hatter mood board :) Final piece, Mad Hatter themed bag :)
This is an illustration unit that I studied at college. Every Friday we have 3 hours to observe an object and draw it in what ever style we chose, but we have to make sure it looks 3D in some way...
Emma Griffiths 22118 Emma Griffiths 22121 Emma Griffiths 22122
This was my very last project at college which was also a set exam. In 7 weeks I had finish a final piece of my own choice with research and samples to follow without any help from tutors and I set...
The fox :) Tiger! Hummingbird 1
The aim of this project was to create a piece of artwork that is 2D and 3D at the same time, it was quite a difficult project. This is the first sculpture based project that I studied at college. I...
The 3 samples together. The happy chameleon sample :) The 2nd sample :)
University Year 2 by Emma Griffiths
In this year of University I decided to focus on Sculpture and other forms of 3D art. I experimented with different ideas associated with 3D art and played around with a lot of materials, my...
Hound made out of toys. Emma Griffiths 31943 Emma Griffiths 31929
Infinity series. by Emma Griffiths
These are some home studies that are extended from the colour project I studied at college. They are based on the idea of infinity being in all aspects of life :)
Universe girl Universe Angel close up on ink Universe Bull
Photomontage by Emma Griffiths
This is one of the modules in my photography unit at college where I have looked at combining different photographs together using Photoshop, and creating some very odd looking work :)`
All structure Negative How an Icon works
iPad art. by Emma Griffiths
I love to experiment with anything when it comes to art, so with having an iPad I have been dead excited to try out all kinds of art apps :) I like to compare them to non digital work and see where...
I'm quite scared iPad zombie Evil Crow
This was my first project in my second year at college. I chose to study the colour green and found out it is one of the broadest colours. Covering nearly every emotion, personality and playing a...
What side are you on? The confident side. What side are you on? The confident side. What side are you on? The shy side.
This is the second AIW project I studied at college. This time I looked at surrealist work by Dali and Magritte in an attempt to have one of my final pieces being a symbolic representation of how...
The memory shrines. Memory shrine 1 back view Memory shrine 1 close up