Karen Douglin
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I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another and this is so cliche but my art is more an expression of an emotion with the intent of sparking emotions in others, even if they them selves are not quite sure what emotion it is ! On its basic level like or loathe. I'm never without a sketchbook but that being said I don't always use it either, a lot of my work comes from a feeling evoked in me that I develop either straight from my photo shop format or an idea thats been floating round in my head which then end up in my sketch book. Sometimes the drawings are left in the sketchbook for quite some time and then lean, blend or meld with other ideas I have.

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01st July 2012

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Wednesday 09th February 1977

Photoshop Art by Karen Douglin
This collection was inspired by face book profile pictures, i was bored of seeing the same old snap on a phone camera. So i asked as few friends if they would mind me putting their image through...
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