About MeMyArt - Schools, Colleges & Universities

MeMyArt.com is a new, free website specifically for art students.

Students create their own membership and profiles and are in control of their own portfolios and because they can follow and comment on their peers’ work, they are engaged and stimulated.

You can create your own home page to create showcase exhibitions and galleries or you can use it to group work from a particular project or coursework.

As your students’ work is already uploaded, you can easily draw the best of it together and because the students are listed on your own home page they tend to work together in a lively, bonded and engaged group.


  • upload & store images of your work
  • create individual portfolios
  • store your CV’s and personal statements
  • create your own free website
  • follow friends & other artists
  • share your work with friends & family
  • interact with an creative community
  • buy art products at hugely discounted prices
  • advertise & sell your work to the public
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Schools & Universities

  • create on line exhibitions
  • access applicants’ portfolios on line
  • filter and sort applications
  • build collections of particular projects and students' best work
  • access and search art and artists
  • store and organise your student's work
  • follow students' careers after they leave
  • see what’s going on at other schools and universities
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Friends & collectors

  • follow students' careers
  • build collections of your friends’ best work
  • build collections of art you like
  • buy works of art from students
  • buy art products at hugely discounted prices
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