Charlotte Ibbison-Steele Studying Fine Art at Plymouth University, Plymouth
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Honestly I don't know what to write about myself because I don't know what you want to know about me.

The first thing I remember in doing art would be all the way back to primary school, when I won first place in competition with a drawing of a cat. Mum would always say that she would just have to give me a set of paints and I'd be happy for hours. Even though, back then, I never knew that my mother was also a bit of an artist herself as well as her parents before her. Each of them drew and my grandfather painted. So I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree eh?

Since then I've been continuing in art though I'm not sure what my medium in the art world is yet.

I have the most fun with sculpture but it's not like I can't pick up a paint brush and try my hand at that. All I care about is having fun within my work and trying my best to do what I love.

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07th December 2011


Fine Art


Lynda Benglis, Yves Klein & Andy Goldsworthy


Reading, drawing, singing, and playing MMORPGs


...Too many to list; just ask me some time


Shit happens, so stay calm and carry on


Jennifer McCurdy & Andy Goldsworthy


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Thursday 19th November 2015


Thurston Community College, Bury St Edmunds


Plymouth University, Plymouth


West Suffolk College, St Edmunds

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Market Weston

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Friday 25th September 1992



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First Diploma - Portfolio

This portfolio will contain all of my work that I did in First Diploma in West Suffolk College.