Tom Latham Studying Illustration at Staffordshire University
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Ever since I left school, Graphic Communication and Illustration have been my passion. Studying Graphic Design has given me the freedom to experiment and discover new ideas. When I was young I loved doodling. I took simple concepts and developed them into my own 'accomplished' artwork. My main influence in design came from these drawing concepts, which were related to science fiction. My time at school has allowed me to develop my skills, artistic flair and talent. My desire to learn about Graphic Design came from completing my First Diploma in Art and Design at school. I am now studying Graphic Design at level 3 and enjoy it immensely.

Contemporary artists who inspire me are Russ Mills, Tim Marrs and Bill Greenhead. All of whom specialise in mixed-media illustrative work. At college I enjoy producing and experimenting with inks, which are then incorporated within my digital illustrations. It is my philosophy that mixing media should always be encouraged when developing innovative designs.

During my time at college, I have developed my own personal skills that will be relevant for higher education. It has given me the chance to work as a group learner, as well as an individual learner. Good attendance patterns have always been one of my strengths, along with bringing the enthusiasm to learn. I am soft natured and not 'scared' to ask for help! When I've completed numerous presentations, I have spoken fluently and calmly in front of an audience. Currently, I have decided to participate in the college's 'Buddy' system. For this, my course tutor has enabled me to mentor my class mates.

Representing and making a good example of myself has always been in my nature. If my class mates are struggling, I am always willing to help out by giving pointers in a friendly and respectful manner. Not only that, but I offer some of my own time to stay behind and produce extra work for my assignments. Recently, I have been involved in working on mini projects for, and with the community. In year 1 of Graphic Design I have been involved in Key Skills Working With Others at level 2. It has given me a good understanding on what real work would be like in the design industry.

Other than drawing, my main interests are going out with my friends, meeting new people and having a fun time. The college also encourages me to participate in their enrichment activities. For these, I have been involved in film club along with different art based subjects. These activities have helped me to develop a range of different skills, at the same time, making them enjoyable.

My overall goal is to be able to broaden my knowledge and discover a range of various skills in Graphic Design and Illustration. This would enable me to be more confident in exploring my own style. Immersing myself with knowledge and visuals will be key for future references. After my studies at University, I am hoping to be able to work in the design industry, or become a freelance artist. My dream is to get my work known. Known by many clients in the marketing and advertisement world.

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