Megan O'Hara Studying Fine Art at Macclesfield College, Macclesfield
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I am 19 Years old and have been interested in art from a young age. I first started looking at graphics but soon found I enjoyed fine art, being able to do many different disciplines.
I will be going to University in 2012 to Liverpool John Moores, so i am starting to get my artwork out to the world early.
I hope that you all enjoy my artwork.

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25th January 2012


Fine Art

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Thursday 26th July 2012


Tytherington High School, Macclesfield


Macclesfield College, Macclesfield


Macclesfield College, Macclesfield

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Wednesday 04th November 1992



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Southern Interpretation - Portfolio

A collection of Landscape artwork, showing my interpretation of the landscapes down south, focusing on the area of The Forest of Dean, including; Lydney Docks, Forest of Dean, River Wye, River Severn and the landscapes surrounding. I have used a wide range of materials, making each painting mixed media. I have used, acrylic, watercolour, oil paint, wax, oil pastels, newspaper, texture paste, sewing, charcoal, graphite and ink.