Jessica Horton Studying Art & Design at Dallam School, Milnthorpe
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Art isn't simply about creating beautiful images that last through the centuries. Sure, it's an important element, but I believe that art is a powerful tool with regard to social change. Our art and literature influences our culture and I want to be a part of that process.
My main focus at the moment is portraiture, because there is so much depth that can be drawn from the subject. However I am still exploring different subjects and mediums to discover my own personal style and voice whilst completing my A level course.

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07th April 2012


Art & Design


Cumbria, literature, culture, humanity


Jean Paul Thornton, Anton Hammerl,

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Have worked with local artists Ben McLeod and Julie Ann Scott


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Thursday 15th November 2012


Dallam School, Milnthorpe

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Dallam School, Milnthorpe


Dallam School, Milnthorpe

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Thursday 23rd February 1995



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GCSE Work - Portfolio

A small collection of some pieces I produced for my GCSE exam.