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I studied the tradition of naturalistic painting from life of (mainly) portraits in Florence, Italy, for three years. I am now based in Bath and am working professionally as a portrait painter. This is incredibly exciting and also rather daunting! I have set up a twitter account so as to show progression of projects that I am working on, so please, follow if you're interested! (Harriet Bouchard
@mooncatcher88). I also have a website

All the best, Harriet

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26th September 2011


Fine Art


Sir Thomas Lawrence, Velazquez, John Singer Sargent, Van Dyke, Rubens


Portraiture, Still life



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Sunday 14th February 1988



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Sanguine Drawing Of Hector- My Process - Portfolio

This is a sanguine drawing of Hector which I created over a period of four sittings from life. The method of drawing that I use is called ‘sight-size’ which simply means placing the canvas/ paper alongside the sitter’s head and stepping back at a given distance so as to make a direct comparison between the two. It is a traditional method of drawing that has been used by old masters for over five hundred years. The main aim of drawing like this is to train your eye to see accurately.

Alex Kinch September 19, 2012 If you open up each pic, Harriet gives us step by step notes. Thanks Harriet