Sinead Lindsay Studying Art & Design at North Glasgow College,
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Over the last year I have studied HNC Art and Design at North Glasgow College where I have been given the amazing opportunity and freedom to experiment with my ideas. In this time I have improved greatly on the skills I had learnt both at school and in night classes as well as obtain an extensive list of new ones. In particular I have been immersed with utilizing Photoshop, conceptual drawing and expressive mark making in my work. During this time I have also been given the chance to experience a week’s artistic residency at Hospitalfield in Arbroath. It was here that I began to really appreciate what a great asset it is to work alongside like-minded people through participating in critiques and group studies. It is fascinating to me to see how other artists approach the same given subject differently and I greatly enjoy being able to “bounce” ideas off one another in class.

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14th April 2012


Art & Design


The Human Condition


Shawn Barber, Frida Kahlo, George Braque, MC Escher, Damien Hirst, Alison Watt, Jenny Saville

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Sunday 10th December 1989



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Being Human - Portfolio

We were asked to create "artists book" and box to put it in using the theme Being Human. I chose to explore the human face as it is generally a first point of contact/registration when being introduced to someone new. I covered various topics regarding the face including; origins, beauty, vanity and fame. My final box was constructed out of picture frames and the 'book' was sheets of latex with digital images stretched around a wheel inside the box.