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‘Give me a museum and I’ll fill it’ Pablo Picasso once said, this really sums up for me how I feel about art I feel I could go on creating art for the rest of my life. When I was young my dream was to become an artist, ever since I have always imagined myself in a job involving art and design. From when I was a child I was either colouring or painting. In school I always excelled in art and design work. Therefore I think it is only natural I wish to study art and design in higher education.
Naturally I believe I have a creative personality from my mannerisms to the way I think. Although I draw a lot of my inspiration from what goes on in life in general, I believe what inspires my best work is politics and what is going on in the bigger picture in life. I think this is due to the fact that I have grown up in a time where what is going on in our country and indeed the world effects younger people perhaps more than ever before. What with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, The coalition government forming in Britain and the recession that everyone in our country has to face. Using these topics as inspiration I am able to create great artwork that also has a message and meaning behind it.
The style of which I work in has always been very precise and exact, using very crisp clean lines. Since a very young age I have always been a perfectionist with my work. I will never finish a piece until I am completely satisfied with it. For these reasons I believe that a job as a graphic designer or illustrator would suit me very well. Recently I have begun to use digital programs such as Photoshop and Adobe illustrator to create artwork. I very much enjoy this way of working and think that this method of working is the way forward for the world of art and design; therefore I believe that it is very beneficial for me to work in this way. Also many illustration and graphic design jobs require knowledge of programs such as these. Some of my favourite modern artists are ‘Banksy’ and ‘Sheppard fairy’ I like their work due to the political messages behind them and the very graphical styles. Although I work in this way and have a modern taste in art I still have much respect for greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, due to the amazing technical ability and messages in their work. In order to fully appreciate the greatness of such work last year I went on a trip to Italy to see the Sistine chapel and various renaissance art which I found amazing. Other galleries I have been to numerous times include the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge and Tate modern in London which I always find fantastic.
Since I have completed my GCSEs I have been studying Double art and Graphic design at St.Ivo sixth form At AS I achieved an A and a B in art and a B in graphics, at the same time I have been holding down a part time job in order to fund my equipment costs. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here it has helped me develop as an artist tremendously. After I finish sixth form I wish to further develop my skills and progress on to higher education. The next step I wish to take is to do an Art Foundation course at college, with the hope of progressing to university to study perhaps graphic design or illustration. (Or maybe looking for work in a similar field.)
Taking an Art foundation course will be suit me well in this point of my education as I believe it will help me focus my work into an area that I can pursue for the rest of my education and hopefully my career. I am now at a point with my work where I am prepared to work intensely and go into further depth with a particular area of the subject.
For me Art and Design is not a subject, for me it is my passion.

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