• I can't create a portfolio or upload any art

    This is because you said you were not a student when you joined. This site is only for student art, but you can still make collections of students' work, follow them and take advantage of the great offers on art stuff that we have from time to time. If you are a student and want to upload your own art, go to your profile page and folow the message there. This is a one way process - you won't be able to change your status back - but why would you want to!

  • How can I change the order of my collections or portfolios?

    To rearrange the order of your collections or portfolios go to "Manage Portfolios" or "Manage Collections", then drag and drop to reorder the collections or portfolios.

  • How do I change the order of images in a collection or portfolio?

    To rearrange the images in a portfolio or collection, open the portfolio or collection and drag and drop to alter the order of the images. Or alternatively, navigate to the "Edit Portfolio" or "Edit Collection" page(s) and drag and drop to rearrange.

  • Where can I buy one of your portfolios?

    On line - just click on the link on the home page.
    We are getting some clear sleeves for these portfolios very soon, keep checking back, they will be great value too.

  • How do I make my work private?

    When you upload a single file, click on "Add more information" and then click on "Public: No / Yes
    When you upload multiple files, wait until they have finished uploading then go to your uploaded work, click on “Edit this Piece” where you can privatise them individually at "Public: No / Yes”

    Click on the Artwork, click on “Edit this Piece”, scroll down to Private: No / Yes, click on Yes. Remember to Click on Upload and Save when you are done.

    To make a portfolio private, click on the portfolio / edit portfolio / Public: No / Yes

    Artwork, files or portfolios that are private have a red border.

    Private work can only be seen by you when you are logged in. No one else even knows it’s there.
    You can see what your home page looks like to others by clicking "Hide Private" on the tab just below your name

    If your work is already in someone else's collection when you privatise it, it will disappear from that collection.
    Collections cannot be made private.

  • Where's my private work gone?

    If you have private work - it will only show on your home page when you are logged in and if it is still not there click on the "Show Private" tab just beneath your name.

    (we have this option so you can see what your home page looks like to everyone else)

    All private work and portfolios have a red border.

  • How do I delete work?

    From your own home page, click on the work
    click on Edit this Piece
    click on delete item

    TO DELETE COLLECTED WORK (of other artists)
    Click on the collection where it appears
    Click on Edit Collection
    Click on Remove

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