Connor McCrone Studying Art & Design at Blackpool and The Fylde College, Blackpool
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I am an artist based in Lancashire, and I have been interested in art since early childhood, but I only became really passionate about it when I was in Year 11, just a few months before applying for Art, Photography, English and Media at Sixth Form. Having spent two years of balancing between my aspirations as a photographer, writer and artist, I know focus myself mainly on art, but on occasion I continue to photograph and write
I feel that art is not just a career, it is a way of life, and could perhaps be one of the most important ways of life in the world, as it has been used for many different purposes, including religion, construction/architecture, political and environmental activism, and so on
If anybody wishes to pursue a career in art, don't hesitate to get started, because once you've started down that path you'll never see things in the same way again :)

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17th May 2012


Art & Design


Andy Goldsworthy, Nature, Landscapes, Archaeology, Anthropology, Survivalism, History, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Wildlife


Nature, landscapes, photography, tribal art, history, mythology, science fiction, fantasy


Andy Goldsworthy, Anthony Gormley, Michael Heitzer, Keith Arnatt, Kurt Jackson, Raymond Depardon, Vincent Van Gogh, Art Wolf, Stuart Franklin, Cy Twombly, Richard Long, Robert Smithson, Serena Korda, Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Rembrandt

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Grundy Art Gallery

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Wednesday 14th May 2014

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The Blackpool Sixth Form College, Blackpool


Blackpool and The Fylde College, Blackpool

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Thursday 12th January 1995




"Sand Circles" (Land Art Project At Knott End Beach)

Hi evri1

For those of you who have not already seen my profile, I have now added a new portfolio containing photos from 1 of my favourite project so far.

"Sand Circles" is a land art piece that shows the cycles of creation and decay.

If any of you are interested, you can visit the Facebook Page at

Thanks for reading

I'll c y'all l8er



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