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Our Skin The Story Book - #1
by Sian Whitfield

Our Skin the Story Book - #1
"Freckles are just freckles. Dark pigments in my skin. I’d like to say I’ve never gave them much thought but I’d be lying. As a child I didn’t really notice or care however just like most stereotypical teenage girls, as I matured I became more aware of my appearance and they really bothered me. I HATED my freckles. In winter I was okay but then summer came out to play and so did my freckles. It makes my complexion look messy and covered in blemishes even though I know they’re just natural. I even went to the extent of putting lemon juice on my face every morning to try and lighten them; old wives tale I guess though. Although I’ve grown I’d returned to being less aware of my freckles and in fact liking them as a part of me."

This is the home of my projects based on the imperfections of people's bodies and the tales behind them.Scars often hold memories for the bearer, some painful and some not. Marks will shape the way people will feel about their body, be it that they embrace them or that they hide them away from prying eyes.Here I've investigated the scars, marks and any other blemishes that people hold and what they have to say about them.

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Approximately A4
Still Life
Photogaphic Paper
Rolled Paper
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Currently studying at Newcastle College, very recently introduced to Graphic Design

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