Falesia, Portugal The Somme, acrylic on canvas 40x60 Spuddy Bel Manns 31963 Bel Manns 31962 Bel Manns 31961 Amber Loveday 31955 Amber Loveday 31954 Amber Loveday 31952 British Bulldog Lorna and Dion Myfanwy Powell 31949 Emma Griffiths 31947 Emma Griffiths 31946 Emma Griffiths 31945 Watercolour on seaweed paper trial Marks & Spencer confectionary redesign Robin Williams Farewell Enlightenment Garden Pots DSCF0601 Yorkshire sailors Kay Eggleston 31915 Kay Eggleston 31914 Nissan Juke in progress Coco Chanel the French Bulldog in progress Kelly Venables 31882 Kelly Venables 31881 Kelly Venables 31880

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